Training Course in Quito at the Ministry of the Environment, for E-Tech International
International Mine Water Association, Finland. July 2017. Co-taught day-long short course entitled Geochemical Modeling and Mine Water with Dr. Kirk Nordstrom of the U.S. Geological Survey.

SENACE and NGOs in Peru. May 2017. Co-taught multi-day workshops on large-scale metal mining and hydrologic resources to the Peruvian environmental agency SENACE (charged with evaluating EISs for large-scale development projects) and nonprofit organizations: Fundamental technical aspects in Environmental Impact Statements and methods for preventing impacts. In Spanish to NGOs.

Western Mining Action Network Conference, Arizona. November 2016. Co-taught a workshop on water quality and mining to conference participants, including many from US tribes and Canadian First Nations.

Escuela Politécnica Nacional. October 2016. Taught a joint two-day workshop to petroleum engineering students and faculty on environmental monitoring. In Spanish.

Escuela Politécnica Nacional and Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja. November 2015. Taught two joint workshops on the environmental effects of mining, mine waste characterization, and water quality. In Spanish.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. February 2013. Taught a webinar on Hardrock Mining Geochemistry and Hydrology: Evaluating Water Chemistry Predictions at Hardrock Mine Sites. Webinar was attended by over 400 people.
Ecuador's Ministry of the Environment in Quito, and Indigenous Communities in Southeastern Ecuador. 2011. In Spanish. Ecuador. Conducted a four-hour training course to the Ministerio del Ambiente (Ministry of the Environment) in Quito on the potential environmental effects of hardrock mining. Presented a shorter version of similar information to indigenous communities and state-equivalent government agency near proposed copper and gold mining projects in southeastern Ecuador.

State Bar of Wisconsin, Mining Law Symposium. August 2011. Wisconsin. Taught a seminar on the effects of hardrock mining on the environment to participants in the State Bar of Wisconsin Mining Law Symposium.

Course on Characterizing, Predicting, and Modeling Water from Mine Sites. May 2009, Sacramento, California. Taught course to employees from California Water Board and other California agencies, Bureau of Land Management, and USDA Forest Service. Topics taught included overview of hardrock mining operations; objectives of mine site characterization; geochemical characterization methods and interpretation; monitoring; inherent factors affecting operational water quality; comparison of predicted and actual impacts at U.S. hardrock mines; and U.S. and international mine case studies. Link to Day 1 presentation:
Training for Rights and Accountability in Development (RAID, UK) on Mining Impacts. 2006. Taught course to RAID employees about the potential effects of hardrock mining on the environment. Created handbook based on course for RAID’s use in developing countries. RAID used course to train local community leaders living around mine sites in Africa.
Environmental Modeling Short Course. Mine Design, Operations & Closure Conference, April 2005. Topics taught included conceptual model development; types of hydrologic, geochemical, and coupled models used at mine sites; modeling inputs; model selection; sources of uncertainty and recommendations for improvement; model calibration; and sensitivity analysis.