Ann Maest
Vice President
Buka's Vice President, Ann S. Maest, is an aqueous geochemist with expertise in the fate and transport of natural and anthropogenic contaminants in groundwater and surface water environments. She has over 25 years of research and professional experience as a geochemist and has worked on natural systems as well as on those that have been affected by industrial activities, especially hardrock mining and petroleum extraction. Dr. Maest is responsible for designing, conducting, and managing groundwater and surface water hydrogeochemistry studies. She also works on independent monitoring and capacity building projects with community and indigenous groups in North and South America. Ann worked as a research geochemist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California, where she conducted research on metal and metalloid speciation, and as a Senior Scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund in Washington, D.C., where she designed technical and policy approaches to minimize the release of toxics from mining and manufacturing facilities. The results of her research have been published in peer-reviewed journals including Applied Geochemistry, Chemical Geology, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, and Environmental Science and Technology. Ann is an Associate Editor of  Mine Water and the Environment. She has served on several National Academy of Sciences committees and a board related to earth resource issues and on international committees on mining and sustainable development. Dr. Maest has been an invited speaker at national and international fora and presented on technical challenges and solutions for the mining sector at the United Nations. Ann holds a Ph.D. in geochemistry and water resources from Princeton University and an undergraduate degree in geology from Boston University.
Luna Marie Cooney
Spiritual Guide and Office Manager
When things get stressful, Luna insists on going for a hike in the Flatirons. She also requires frequent trips outside to chase squirrels, and the VP must stop her important work to let her out. If it weren't for Luna, said VP might just spend all her time in front of spreadsheets and documents, and productivity would diminish.