Photo by Diana Papoulias, E-Tech International, Cuninco, Peruvian Amazon
Selected Projects
Swift Foundation and MacArthur Foundation (for E-Tech International); Independent Monitoring and Oilfield Remediation in Loreto, Peru. Created field sampling plan and monitoring sheets for indigenous monitoring studies of areas affected by long-term petroleum development. Conducted field training of indigenous environmental monitors and field sampling of baseline and impacted sites in the Pastaza watershed in northern Peru. Wrote sections of report on oilfield remediation best practices for natural protected areas in the Peruvian Amazon that require cleanup. For more information, see the E-Tech website:  www.etechinternational.org
Oxfam, Netherlands (Hivos) and MacArthur Foundation (for E-Tech International); Independent Monitoring and Technical Evaluation of the Camisea Natural Gas Project, Peru. Evaluation of potential environmental effects of the Camisea natural gas/natural gas liquids pipeline that crosses from the Amazon over the Andes to the coast south of Lima. Developed the elements of an independent social and environmental monitoring and response program. Worked with Peruvian civil society and governmental organizations to analyze ongoing monitoring conducted by industry and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and to evaluate additional proposed projects for pollution prevention approaches, baseline monitoring, and environmental monitoring. Helped develop and plan an annual conference for international, national, and local indigenous and environmental groups and industry participants. For more information, see the E-Tech website:  www.etechinternational.org
California Department of Fish and Game (for Stratus Consulting); Guadalupe Oil Field, San Luis Obispo, California. Manager for groundwater and pathway studies of petroleum contamination in a sand dune aquifer for the Office of Oil Spill Prevention and Response. Managed field studies designed to evaluate the hydrogeology of the sand dune aquifer, the fate and transport of petroleum products in the aquifer, and the modeling of groundwater and contaminant flow in the aquifer.
U.S. Geological Survey; Mississippi Oil Field Brines. Served as co-principal investigator of a field, laboratory, and geochemical modeling study of organometallic complexing and transport of heavy metals in deep oil-field produced waters in central Mississippi. Collected and analyzed deep groundwater samples for metals and evaluated metal-organic complexing using geochemical modeling programs.