Buka Environmental, located in Boulder, Colorado, has been providing high-level environmental consulting services since 1998. Our areas of speciality include evaluating the environmental effects of mining and oil & gas operations and finding solutions. We have worked in the United States and Latin America with governmental, tribal, and nonprofit clients to improve conditions related to the extractive industries...
Lewis Mill, above Telluride, Colorado
Environmental consulting services include independent monitoring, evaluation of water quality/quantity data, evaluation of environmental impact statements, and watershed studies. For a more complete list, see Projects in the pull-down menu.
Photos in the Gallery were taken by Ann Maest. The photos below show artesanal mining in the Cordillera del Condor area in the Ecuadorian Amazon near the proposed Fruta del Norte mine (top 3 photos) and the Marlin Mine and a nearby community meeting in Guatemala. See the E-Tech International website for more information and reports:  www.etechinternational.org

Robert Collins, J.D., M.S. and P.E.

“As the manager of and counsel for Montana’s Natural Resource Damage (NRD) Program, I utilized the talents and hard work of Ann Maest on complicated technical matters, including NRD litigation, for over 20 years.  Ann was the State’s principal consultant and expert witness on groundwater and geochemistry issues.  I could always count on Ann to provide the State with the highest quality advice, reports and creditable testimony; as a result, Montana and its environment benefited greatly.”

David Kliegman, Executive Director, Okanogan Highlands Alliance

"Ann Maest’s vast on-the-ground experience, and scrupulous data-based analysis as an aqueous geochemist, provides her clients with realistic insights into predictive modeling and the fate and transport of pollutants in the environment."

Richard Kamp, Director, E-Tech International

"As a geochemist Ann is unparalleled. She is conservative in her scientific thinking yet willing to commit herself to very difficult working conditions in the Andes, tropics, working in unstable political situations and always, always extremely demanding and neutral as a scientist who represents people who have never had this technical support. For E-Tech International there can be no greater need nor can I apply greater praise." 

Dr. Glenn Miller, Professor, University of Nevada-Reno, Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Science

“Ann Maest is an excellent geochemist and the person I trust most highly on things related to the geochemistry of mine contaminants. She understands the complexity of mine waste and has a range of expertise that is impressive, from isotope chemistry to modeling the thermodynamics and kinetics of environmental processes, as well as issues of pit lakes and acid mine drainage. Her experience at the USGS and long term consulting on a very large variety of geochemical projects has given her a breadth of experience and knowledge that I rely upon when complex geochemical problems arise.”